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San Giacomo Church, Ferrara, Italy

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT 

| Competition - winner

Whilst at EMBT, Katrina was part of the team that put together the winning competition entry for the new San Giacomo Church and Parish complex.  Since then, EMBT has followed through as novated architects and the scheme is currently under construction. 

The proposed design aims to create an identity within the local community, and be a welcoming presence, that promotes social engagement, educational projects and be a centre for community interaction. 

The building aims to do this through several important design features: 

A series of key axis through the site and the building form create new connections to the bridge, river and old city of Ferrara.  This serves both as a visual and spiritual dialogue with the city. 

The concept of the building evolved from exploring the theme of lightweight and organic architecture.  The hot air balloon with its lofty billowing envelope and structure inspired the form of the complex roof connecting the spaces below.  This, combined with the spirituality of the ceiling structure in the tradition of ecclesiastic architecture were the key elements to the design concept.  This lightweight architecture contrasts directly with the robust materiality of historical preexisting Ferrara.

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