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Italian Pavilion, 54th Venice Art Biennale, Italy

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

| Temporary Exhibition

During her time at EMBT, Katrina assisted in the design and assembly of the temporary exhibition that would show 200 works of contemporary Italian art curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, for the 54th Venice Art Biennale. 

The concept for the exhibition was 'the artist's studio', a work in progress, a place where multiple artworks would fight for wall space, and those which did not fit would be kept in their boxes waiting to be revealed.  

A series of metal structures that wrote out in plan 'l'unite d'italia', commemorating the 150 years of unity in Italy, were the transparent walls where the artworks hang. 

Boxes of various shapes and sizes were scattered around the exhibition with the graphics of each artist's name, and artwork titles copied onto them.  On the walls of the arsenale, large format works were suspended on floor to ceiling cables. 

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