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Selected artworks


| Art and illustration

Photography, collage, hand-drawing and model making are key starting points in my work and I have been in some way always working on these.  Sometimes they lead to a process of developing architectural design, but more often, they are stories in themselves and lead to no other place than to provoke the mind of others, set me free and inspire my life.  

Art, illustration, process or whatever you may call it, these collective images are what make me tick.  I always try to start from a free place with no real starting point and just see where the images, the ink or the scalpel take me.  Surprises present themselves, characters appear, strange places come out of nowhere.

I would love to take this further out of just my mind and my portfolio to tell stories and creative journeys.  Would be so interested to hear from you and get involved in your own distorted realities, ambitions and illusions. 

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