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Casa Cerro, Taganga, Colombia

|  In progress

The site lies at the back of a fisherman's village in an elevated position with stunning westward views across the mountainous bay. In this year-round hot climate, the brief was to design a home whereby the owners could live an indoor-outdoor lifestyle and maximize the views from every room. 

The proposed design of the building is very simple. The main living space with kitchen, dining and sitting, opens up onto a large veranda that wraps around and gives much needed shade to the internal rooms.  Large bi-folding doors allow a seamless interior-exterior experience.  Each of the 3 bedrooms take advantage of the spectacular westward view. 

The materiality of the building takes inspiration from the natural vegetation in the area and local vernacular with its use of palm, timber and bamboo, with the interior design borrowing from colours and patterns found in the craftwork of local indiginous tribes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. 

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