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Victoria Gate Arcades, Leeds, UK

Acme Architects

| completed

Whilst working at Acme London, Katrina lead the concept design, detailed design development and oversaw the completion of the Victoria Gate Arcades steel and glass roof and ceiling and glazing packages.  The complex design was fabricated in Austria by Seele.

The unique design of the Victoria Gate Arcades roof and ceiling evolved out of 3 key site constraints: 1. it had to cover a dual arcade that looped around connecting three separate buildings, resulting in its form in plan, 2. the main sightline to the anchor building from town had to be respected, resulting in its form in elevation, and 3. it must respect the traditional arcade typologies and historical connection to the city of Leeds.  Other major factors contributed as well for example, how the roof would meet the concrete diamond pattern on the facade of the John Lewis building and how the lightwell in the north arcade would bring natural light down into a dark space and result in creating a sculptural focal point in the scheme. 

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