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The Café Court, Westfield White City, London

Softroom Architects

| Completed

The Café Court in Westfield White City by Softroom Architects was one of the first projects Katrina was involved in out of University.  The 6000sqm, 1000 seat Café Court set out to innovate the communal dining experience, making it an integral part of and stylish destination within the £1.5-billion high-end mall. 

The Cafe Court comprises of 13 kiosks by different culinary operators, all under 'one roof', yet each offering gastronomic experiences from different parts of the world.  The design allows for each brand to customise their space, allowing each food counter to stand out, yet there is an overriding curated masterplan with sculpted fixed seating and furniture that tie the scheme together. 

The materiality of the different seating areas provide a varied experience, and the timber ceiling that wraps around the volume of space to contrast it with the surrounding retail spaces and give it presence and character.

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