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L'Oreal Academy, Barcelona, Spain

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT 

| Completed

The key design objectives for the L’Oréal Academy in Barcelona were: to create a space dedicated to beauty, with a positive 'wow factor', that would also provide functional areas for the teachings, exhibitions and shows of the Academy.  

Hair, in all it's shapes, forms and colours, was the inspiration behind the undulating flow of spaces and interior design.  All of the bespoke design elements were developed from initial collages that illustrated  L’Oréal’s history and hundred years of existence. 

Within the 1.100m2 that spread over the ground floor and first floor, are a reception space and bar, multi-use training rooms that open up into a large exhibition/event space, and offices and smaller skincare rooms. 

Katrina was a lead designer on the L’Oréal project from concept to completion whilst working at EMBT Architects, Barcelona.

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