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  • Katrina Zon

A magically-real accident?

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

I walked past this building the other day, and a few things crossed my mind...

1. Where are the planning laws in Santa Marta - how could this possibly be legal!?...

2. Quite a curious decision for a cantilevered box on the top, was this intentional, an ambitious 'design feature' or just a miscalculation?...

3. Funnily enough this conglomerate style of building is not unique or surprising in this context. It seems that half of the city exhibits this quirky needs-must approach to extensions and additions.

4. At this junction with the added bonus of a melange of cables meeting in front of it, is it an ugly, un-thought-out shame of a building, or is it quite beautiful, unabashed, magically real, a building that tells a story of the expansion of the requirements of its dwellers?...

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